Picture sailing over a picturesque lake or navigating white water in a kayak. We all know the picture should include a lifejacket, right? Except 72% of boating deaths are caused by drowning, and in 88% of boating drowning deaths, the victim wasn’t wearing a lifejacket. Nothing is more tragic than a death that could have been so easily prevented. Protect yourself and your family with Coast Guard approved lifejackets and other simple - but often overlooked - steps to a safe boating experience.

Action You Can Take:

Learn to swim.

Wear a life jacket. Every person in your boat should wear a properly fitted Coast Guard approved Life Jacket.

Learn CPR. Click here to find an American Red Cross CPR class in your community.

Learn More:

Boating with children

Lifejackets and PFDs

Boating Safety

National Safe Boating Council  

Safe Sailing Tips  

Minorities drown at much higher rates. Watch this film to learn more, and then learn to swim.

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Sarah Moon