Drowning starts in just 1 minute.
Drowning happens in just 1 inch of water.
Drowning can be prevented by 1 person getting a little more information.

That person is you.

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You may not be a lifeguard—but you can guard a life.

Every hour, 42 people around the world lose their lives to drowning. They are sons, wives, teachers, toddlers. They are our families, our loves and our inspiration. And we lose them every single hour of every single day.

The biggest tragedy is that if they (or their parent, or teacher or guardian) had basic water safety awareness and education, they could still be alive, giving and growing - instead of leaving a gaping hole in their families and communities.

Below, pick the water environment that your family enjoys.

Spend just a few minutes on one of the resources.

Lifeguard. Life preserver.

That’s you.


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