Our mission is to jolt the public into awareness about the epidemic of child drowning, AND BE PART OF THE SOLUTION.


Who We Are

Make the Minute Matter is comprised of passionate, dedicated individuals who embody the knowledge and efforts of thousands of people worldwide who are working together to end the hidden epidemic of drowning.

We are devoted to improving and saving lives by bringing our collective knowledge to the world.

Our team respects the nature of water and balances the joy, respite and power it provides against its somber ability to cause destruction and death.

Mission Statement


Jolt the public into awareness about the epidemic of child drowning, motivate them to change their attitudes and behavior regarding water, provide them with the knowledge and skills necessary to be safe around water and, thereby, drastically reduce the incidence of drowning. 


Purpose & Beliefs

Drowning is preventable.
Make the Minute Matter’s purpose is to ensure that not one life is lost to drowning.



We know awareness is the first step toward ending this global epidemic.
We believe that while one solution doesn’t fit all, there are proven solutions for every situation.


We know that downing is preventable.  
We believe that local involvement in prevention is key.


We know every one of us is vulnerable to drowning.
We believe that one life lost to drowning is one too many.