Who We Are

Make the Minute Matter is an international nonprofit dedicated to unveiling the hidden, worldwide epidemic of child drowning and preventing drowning. Drowning is preventable. Our collective vision is a world where everyone has a safe, healthy and respectful relationship with water.

Our goal is to foster joy - not fear - around water, and we are achieving that goal by using consistent messaging to achieve positive, sustainable, and cost-effective change reinforced through education and skill development.  



We create, implement and sustain a global multi-media public awareness campaign with consistent messaging about the dangers of drowning and the strategies and programs to prevent it.  We provide specific, positive methods to change behavior.



We design, manage and deliver educational programs that support and expand upon drowning prevention messages. We champion consistent, culturally sensitive and age-appropriate solutions using Jabari, the global symbol for drowning prevention and water safety.


Skills-Based Training

We initiate, support and fund proven skills-based training programs provided by our established international network of collaborative partners. We prevent drowning by funding swimming, survival swimming, lifeguard and CPR training, and continuing education classes for water safety professionals.


Our Solutions

Drowning is preventable. We are creating a demand for water safety programs through public awareness and education programs, and in turn, funding and nurturing the supply of water safety programs.


Get to know the people who have come face to face with death


Engage Locally

We provide a global strategy with local solutions- funding programs worldwide and close to home.

Considering that the majority of drowning deaths occur in the countries with the fewest resources, it’s critical to us to extend our awareness, knowledge and programming to every corner of the globe.

Each of us occupies our own little corner of that globe, and we’re responsible individually for our own families and communities. Act locally, and you can prevent drowning in your own backyard, both literally and figuratively.

You can foster change. Grab the opportunity to be part of the solution.
You can participate in training programs, join us in raising awareness or help fund our initiatives.
Get involved.